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Support Plans


Support Contract Benefits:

• Support for all Sportstec software including Sportstec Gamebreaker, SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus, SportsCode Pro, SportsCode Elite, SportsCode Player, the various SportsCode Reviews, Coda, iCoda, Trak Performance, Stream & Exchange, as well as new products. We support all aspects of this software including advice on configuration and workflows. Our support includes Sportstec Level 2 Certified staff (highest Sportstec certification level currently available).

• Support for the other products we sell, including certain camcorders, the Elgato Turbo.264 HD, various Canopus and Grandtec video converters, LaCie and Abodigital external hard drives, Belkin Firewire Minihubs, Commando Remote Controls, Sony DVDirect live DVD burners and other accessories.

• Support forApple products including Mac OS X and the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. We have an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator on staff and are glad to assist in a limited manner with Apple issues, particularly to avoid finger pointing as to who’s responsible for a particular support issue. Additional general Apple related consulting is available for a fee, please inquire.

• Support is provided via phone, email, text/SMS, Instant Messaging and remote control of users’ computer, and other means.

• Guaranteed next business day response; we respond to help requests after hours and on weekends on an as available basis or by prior arrangement.

• Sportstec software is licensed to the computer upon which it is registered. If that computer is lost or stolen, Gamebreaker, SportsCode and/or other Sportstec software is also lost or stolen along with the hardware. Keep track of your computers and the software on them. If your computer is stolen or requires a major hardware repair, we can help people who have support contracts recover their software.

• Free attendance at our annual seminar for any coach on staff on a first- come, first- served basis (subject to capacity limits).

• Access to our consulting services. We have consultants on staff who are experts in building custom code and statistical windows as well as configuring software to your workflows. Additionally we are certified Apple consultants. Our consultants can relieve you of the work required to create intricate scripting, great graphical code windows, attractive web interfaces and integrate other software, as well as writing AppleScripts to tie applications together. Please inquire about our consulting services.



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