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Sports Basketball


SportsCode’s video editing and analysis systems have emerged as the leading video technology solution in the sport of basketball. The strongest indicator of SportsCode’s position in the basketball market is the fact that over 20 NBA franchises use SportsCode software. SportsCode also produces a scaled version of their software, called Gamebreaker.

Sylvan Advantage’s basketball clients successfully using Gamebreaker software include:

  • Commonwealth Coast Conference
  • Empire 8
  • Great Northeast Athletic Conference
  • Liberty League
  • Little East Conference
  • Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference
  • New England Small College Athletic Conference
  • New England Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Conference
  • North Atlantic Conference
  • Northeast 10
  • State University of New York Athletic Conference



Sylvan Advantage’s Division I clients include:

  • Albany Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Canisius Women’s Basketball
  • Colgate Women’s Basketball
  • Dartmouth Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Houston Baptist Women’s Basketball
  • Maine Men’s Basketball
  • Sacred Heart Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • St. Francis (NY) Women’s Basketball
  • Vermont Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Wagner Men’s and Women’s Basketball


For a complete list of Sportstec’s basketball clients, visit: http://www.sportstec.com/Clients%20Client%20List%20Global.htm

Whether you are using video to improve your own team’s execution, working with a player to improve an aspect of his or her game or preparing for an opponent, SportsCode can give you the competitive edge necessary in an era when coaches must embrace technology as a key aspect of their coaching philosophy.

SportsCode will help basketball coaches…

  • Evaluate and analyze their team’s tactical and strategic execution.
  • Evaluate and analyze individual player performance.
  • Produce video edits to be used as an instructional tool in team or individual player film sessions.
  • Produce video edits to be used as a mode of accountability for team and individual performance.
  • Identify and analyze opponent’s tactics and strategies.
  • Produce video edits of opponent’s tactics and strategies to be used as a game preparation tool.
  • Evaluate and analyze practice and quickly produce a video edit of key sequences in the day’s training session.



SportsCode will help basketball players…

  • Receive immediate feedback on their performance during practice and game competition.
  • Whose learning style is most compatible with visual feedback.
  • Break down, in detail, their execution of basic fundamentals.
  • Learn tendencies of individual opponents who they will be responsible for defending in one-on-one situations.
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