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Studiocode video analysis software has been developed specifically to conduct and improve qualitative and quantitative research, professional development and multidisciplinary analysis. Studiocode measures and analyzes performance through innovative solutions for information-intensive environments, such as:

  • Health Care;
  • Education and Teacher Training;
  • Research;
  • Business.


Video annotation and analysis have become indispensible tools in specialist training where quality evaluation is paramount. Thus, a growing number of institutions use Studiocode not only to benefit student learning but also employ it as a powerful research instrument across a wide range of programs. Studiocode currently is used by hundreds of health care and educational institutions, such as:


  • Duke University;
  • Kaiser Medical Centers;
  • Pennsylvania State University;
  • Cal-Berkeley;
  • Arizona State University;
  • New Teacher Center at UC Santa Cruz.



Powerful, Sophisticated, Flexible

  • Studiocode is a total solution product that exploits leading-edge technology to collect, manage, manipulate and share information.
  • Studiocode provides everything needed to perform vital video-based tasks, including powerful transcription facilities to produce video subtitles.
  • Simple to use yet highly functional, Studiocode provides the maximum in video analysis sophistication—capture, store, categorize, monitor, manage, recall and distribute video, audio and other rich media content with ease.
  • Studiocode’s portability allows integration of video competencies into an organization’s overall training system. Studiocode can be operated from multiple sites, making it an extremely flexible tool.



Information Is Power—The Studiocode Advantage

  • Powerful information at your fingertips.
  • Completely user-defined—effortlessly review places in the video according to user-defined assessment criteria.
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date indices help locate needed information in just a few simple steps.
  • Multi-leveled search categories enable finely targeted results, even across multiple files.
  • Gathers and then seamlessly matches vital statistical information to the video.
  • Video made easy—view video in full screen; create presentations, DVDs or streaming video for the Internet.
  • Transcription, analysis and closed captioning—easily annotate, transcribe and close caption video and audio.
  • Coding and analysis—tag information live or after the fact.
  • Search across video archives with the Matrix or Find tools; easily output statistical info and videos; find any information you want, instantly.




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