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SportsCode Pro Software

SportsCode Pro offers a complete video analysis solution to sporting organizations. Powerful without complexity, SportsCode Pro gives coaches the ability to access game changing information at the click of a button. Offering flexibility live and post event you simply won’t find anywhere else. It quite simply breaks new ground, for coaches and individuals alike.


Here are some of the great features of SportsCode Pro


Capture Features

The SportsCode Pro software allows users to capture live video from a pre-recorded tape or while you are recording it. SportsCode Pro allows the user to code and review the video during the capture process. The SportsCode Pro software supports HDV, DV, DV widescreen, and Analogue inputs while capturing and creates a MPEG4, SDI, or HD video file on your computer. The SportsCode Pro software supports 4x3, 16x9, Native Movie dimensions and allows you to use full screen capturing. SportsCode Pro can set preset capture times, live compression while capturing, and remote capture control.


Coding Structures Features

The SportsCode Pro software has no predefined structure of coding templates. Users get to define their own code and title buttons and set the rules for them. Users can customize Lead and Lag times or just leave them as toggle buttons. SportsCode Pro allows the user to define powerful coding relationships through the use of exclusive code behaviors. There are 1000+ customizable Keyboard hot keys, and gives you the power to code in full screen mode.  There is no limit on how many code input windows users can have, and SportsCode Pro supports multiple input devices fro multiple coders. This makes it possible to use the same program across multiple disciplines. Users can also Edit and re-edit templates as ofter as required. The SportsCode Pro software allows users to also code events live, and allows users to save time and rapidly improve accuracy of coding with the ability to link code buttons together. The user can define powerful statistical commands within the program, and able to set up alerts.

Edit Features

The SportsCode Pro software allows users to simply edit instances with the use of the Instance Edit Window and align video with instances by nudging Instances and soundtracks. Users can easily work with timeline rows, including the ability to create a new row, sort rows, merge rows, and trim rows. SportsCode Pro allows the user to edit instance labels, and provides multiple database options to ensure efficient use of time and space. The SportsCode Pro software also allows users to stack multiple timelines and movies in one package.


Analysis Features

The SportsCode Pro software has a dynamic code matrix that pulls together vital statistical information with the corresponding video. The user can isolate game breaking information by collating and displaying key statistics live in the code and statistical window. Users can instert text notes into instances to make effective presentations. SportsCode Pro has intelligent searching options; it has up to 20 search combinations using or/and, or/and/not routines along with multi leveled statistical inquiries. SportsCode Pro allows users to review Frequency lists for events, and sequential frames within any video instances through the instance monitor. Users can create a still image from any video frame. The SportsCode Pro software allows users to stack video files to play side by side. Users can also overlay any two video files. The SportsCode Pro software allows users to stack timeline and instance movies. The SportsCode Pro software allows users to export statistical information for further investigation in other programs. Users can also draw angles and lines on any movie frame. User can easily switch between different feeds using hot keys. SportsCode Pro allows users to create video database, and create drawings to highlight key plays and combinations.


Making Movies Features

The SportsCode Pro software allows users to Quickly compile movie presentations with titles in the Movie Organizer. Users can also view instances in multiple window sizes. Users can replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward and backwards. Users can view single instances or compile multiple instances into a movie. The SportsCode Pro software allows users to present a movie on their computer or an external device. Users can also integrate movies into other applications such as Powerpoint and iMovie. SportsCode Pro Allows you to simply edit instances and codes while creating powerful coaching presentations with overlaid text and coaches notes.


Search Features

The SportsCode Pro software allows users to quickly locate and review events even across timelines and folders, with up to 20 search combinations. Users can perform multi leveled Boolean search routines (and, or and not) and search for data from 1 game or event or across and entire season or database. SportsCode Pro lets users find and review events from the code and the Matrix.


Import Features

The SportsCode Pro software can import many different file and data types. Below is a list of Specific types SportsCode Pro can import.

  • Data lists
  • NBA Website Play by Play
  • NBA Entertainment
  • Fairplay Data
  • Amisco Data
  • ProZone Data
  • Champion AFL XML Edit List
  • Prowess Basketball Edit List
  • Prowess AFL Edit List
  • Stats Pack Edit List
  • GPS Sports
  • Tab Delimitated files


Export Features

The SportsCode Pro software allows users to export the video to many different formants such as Apple TV, Quicktime Movie, iPod/iPhone movie to iTunes, and customizable formats. Users can also export a Sportscode XML edit list so they can share timelines with other people. SportsCode Pro can export code frequency reports along with copying the matrix as a table.


To organize a demonstration or pricing information of SportsCode Pro please contact us

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