• Sylvan Advantage
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CODA and iCODA is a System that is used widely within two different forms of Film Study. Coda and iCoda is used with Sports and with Professional and Research. With sports it is widely used for coaches to be able to code and capture data from another location other than the computer. For instance it makes it easy for a coach to be standing on the sideline to mark and capture data that he is seeing from the field level. CODA and iCODA within Professional and Research does that same thing. It can help with having an evaluator of an event in a completely different room or watching a live feed from the internet 2000 miles away. With both of these groups you can have multiple people coding and capturing data and bring it together to put it into one data stream.



For more information using CODA and iCODA with sports Click Here


For more information using CODA and iCODA with Professional and Research Click Here


To organize a demonstration or pricing information of CODA and iCODA please contact us

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