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CODA and iCODA for Professional and Research


The recent introduction of CODA and iCODA has dramatically extended Studiocode users statistical and video analysis capabilities. With CODA and iCODA a user may code an event independently of the video capture,  but the new Online Coding feature does allow synchronized coding to a timeline from multiple CODA and/or iCODA applications in real time. Designed to work in conjunction with Studiocode. CODA runs primarily on the Apple platform, (Mac OS, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) or with Windows Mobile 6.0 for other PDA devices. With iCODA users can set up user-defined templates for live coding.



CODA Features

CODA allows user to collect vital event statistics and information. Users can analyze individual or group performance, while saving time using through multiple input devices. CODA allows users to customize the analysis template. Coda enters data on users desktop, Laptop, or iDevices, and allows users to like it to any video through Studiocode. CODA allows users to export and edit data for further analysis to further improve productivity. Users can also utilize the online coding feature for multi-location coding*.

*Online Coding is a feature that allows any number of CODA and/or iCODA applications to participate in a synchronized coding session simultaneously and live via the internet.  The CODA XML data file which is created from the multiple coding inputs is available to be pulled into Studiocode in real time.


iCODA Features

iCODA allows users to code an event or a specific aspects of an event and then either link this data to a CODA Command Centre to consolidate multiple coding aspects, or e-mail the data directly to a Studiocode Computer. iCODA Provides an economic method for multiple code input, which increases the coding possibilities. iCODA will link with a CODA server to give users a multi-location coding from anywhere in the world, which can automatically synchronize the date with a time stamped coding linked to a common start point.



To organize a demonstration or pricing information of CODA and iCODA please contact us

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