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About Us

Sylvan Advantage is an innovative, strategic and results-oriented distributor of industry-leading Sportstec video analysis and management software. We serve the professional, college and amateur sports communities as well as non-sports communities such education, health care and business. As the USA’s largest authorized distributer of SportsCode, Gamebreaker and Studiocode advanced services and solutions, Sylvan Advantage offers software and services that address the unique, complex and demanding requirements for assessing physical performance and professional development.

Sportstec is a global leader in the development of cutting-edge sports technology products, including SportsCode, the world’s foremost performance analysis (video analysis) software. Sylvan Advantage provides you with a single destination for Sportstec’s suite of products, services, training and support, which are engineered to meet without parallel the increasingly complex demands of coaching and playing, teaching and learning.

Sylvan Advantage’s unique combination of Sportstec products, dedicated sales professionals and technical experts can give you that “winning edge.” By matching the demand for innovative biomechanical solutions with an agile business model and strong leadership, Sylvan Advantage continues its rapid growth by competing for and winning high-profile business. Sylvan Advantage enhances customer value through comprehensive, accurate and current sports and service solutions, and thus is uniquely equipped to help diverse customers address their teaching and learning challenges.

Since 2004 Sylvan Advantage’s highly regarded sales and support team brings performance analysis and enhancement experience across multiple sports industry sectors, including Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Rugby. We are proud to have earned the Sportstec Americas Distributor of the Year 2010-2011 award.

Sylvan Advantage continually seeks to maintain its leadership in the Sportstec network of dedicated and highly trained software support representatives. We design and offer regular training courses to ensure that our customers always have the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise. We anticipate and then exceed customer expectations by offering the world’s premier performance analysis software backed by comprehensive, enthusiastic support, enabling our customers to improve performance on and off the field.

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